FAFSA for Institutions

Similar to income tax preparation services, our FAFSA for Institutions program turns a difficult, time-consuming chore into a fast and simple process that is free to students and parents.  Adding this high-touch service to the enrollment process helps create a bond with the student and leaves a lasting impression of value and service.

Measureable Results

FAFSA for Institutions streamlines the financial aid process for the student and institution by improving FAFSA completion rates, improving the accuracy of the FAFSA data, and relieving an institution’s financial aid administrators from responding to FAFSA filing questions while ensuring students are well supported when seeking financial aid. 

Working on behalf of individual and institutional clients, we have helped more than one million students and families prepare their federal student aid application (FAFSA). Our personalized service is a very positive experience for families and our clients and has resulted in greater enrollment rates of admitted students.

FAFSA for Institutions offers:

  • Data Integration

Institutions send Student Aid Services' student data to implement the program and shorten the FAFSA preparation process.

  • Fully Customized Engagement Program

Email and postal outreach to admitted applicants explains and initiates the FAFSA preparation process and re-engages those who have not submitted their FAFSA.

  • Student Status Tracking

Daily tracking of each application shows the admissions and financial aid staff exactly where each student is in the process.

  • Early Access

Our FAFSAFirst™ program makes FAFSA preparation assistance available months before the U.S. Department of Education begins accepting applications.

  • Results Reporting

Statistics on FAFSA completion and call volume enables success rate monitoring.

Measureable Results